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Evolution Skateparks want your new skatepark facility to be a success. To ensure this happens, we work with you from concept through to completed installation. We understand the importance of interaction between client, operator, user and resident at all times during the design process. By helping you achieve this, Evolution ensures your new skatepark works at every level, securing you long- term success for your project.











As part of our service, Evolution offers a ‘no obligation’ opportunity for potential clients to arrange with one of our experienced team the following:



  •  Site visit  & evaluation

  • Manufacturer representation - unbiased and informative input as part of the public consultation

  • Residents consultation - to answer questions from those most directly affected by a proposed new skatepark

  • Users workshops – a bespoke design ‘workshop’ for your user groups to work out exactly what they want from their skatepark

  • Mediation service - when potential clients need help bridging a division between operators, residents and users

  • Promotional events – support from the Evolution team as ‘drop-in’ consultants for Q&A’s for all involved in the project. Evolution Skateparks              is here to help you.






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