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Skatepark Surfaces

The choice of skate ramp riding surface is one of the critical elements that contribute to the success of any wheeled sports facility.


All options have their advantages and disadvantages and no single option covers every desired element for both user and operator. Evolution Skateparks offer three excellent standard surface options:


No. 1


Synthetic surfaces are by far the most desirable from a users point of view and are widely used throughout the UK.  This is almost always our first choice and recommended by the Evolution team in almost every instance.


Skatelite Pro, a cured phenol-formaldehyde fibre LPL (low pressure laminate) is our preferred product of choice as the only synthetic product endorsed by many of the world class riders and skaters  including Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman and Dave Mirra.


There are many benefits with this industry adopted riding surface, particularly suited to our construction technique:


•  Smooth and fast

•  Quiet

•  Highly durable

•  Superior grip with minimal friction

•  Fire resistant

•  Stays at a safe temperature

•  Dries very quickly after rainfall

•  Does not rot or splinter

•  Chemical cleaner friendly


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No. 2


Widely used for indoor applications, plywood is highly desirable from a user’s point of view, offering a ‘soft ride’ experience with the following beneficial factors:


•  Smooth

•  Fast

•  Quiet

•  Good grip

•  Low cost


Though considered a budget option, it is an ideal choice for indoor parks where weather deterioration is not an influencing factor.


As with all options, durability of our ramps is very important to us and the choice of ply is essential. An Eastern European Birch Ply, sourced from Latvia, Estonia, Poland or Russia as part of the Responsible Purchasing Directive is renowned for its exceptionally high quality.


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No. 3


Steel surfacing is proving more popular with operators in recent years as it has a lower initial purchase cost and perception of zero maintenance.


There is no question that steel surfaces can withstand considerably more abuse and we might recommend their use in facilities where vandalism was highly likely, or where the routine of regular inspections is more than the operator is willing to commit.


Galvanised, stainless or non-coated steel surfaces should NEVER be considered for a ramp surface as this presents a real hazard to the user.


Coating surfaces allows the potential for skate ramps to be as low impact as possible by blending colours to match their surrounding environment. Aside from ramps becoming slippery, problems are relatively few. However, it should be noted that steel surfaces become exceptionally hot in the summer months. The benefits of steel are as follows:


•  Smooth

•  Fast

•  Heavy impact resistance

•  Resistant to vandalism


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Coated (non slip)
Mid Steel (steel only)
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