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Sponsored Riders

By having our own Evolution sponsored riders we can understand the sport and the needs of the user at the most professional and demanding level. We gain essential feedback from these sportsmen that helps us carry out continual upgrades and improvements to our product range. It also promotes Evolution Skateparks as a great place to ride, giving our clients added confidence and ensuring our designs are suited to the very latest riding styles.

Date of Birth: 10th July 1996


Born: Portsmouth


Activity: BMX Rider


Achievements: 3rd place boardmaster 2011, 2nd place boardmasters 2012, 5th fise paris 2012, 2nd fise le havre 2012, 2nd fise reims 2012, 8th baltic games 2012, 2nd bristol hog jam 2012, 5th NEC bike show.


Other Hobbies: Going to the dentist!





Declan Brooks

Date of Birth: 18th November 1990


Born: Malvern, Worcestershire


Activity: Speedway Rider


Achievements: Full time team member

of Poole Pirates


Other Hobbies: Guitar





Paul Starke

Date of Birth:  9th November 1996


Born: Greenock (Scotland)


Activity: BMX rider


Achievements: Being part of BMX and meeting so many cool people


Other Hobbies: Cars



Allister Loughran

Date of Birth: 21 March 1996


Born: Marmande, France


Activity: Speedway Rider


Achievements: 2016 Team GB Word Cup Team


Other Hobbies: Snowboarding and Motor Cross



Adam Ellis

Date of Birth: 30th March 1993


Born: Exeter


Activity: Skateboarding


Achievements: 1st Teignmouth skate comp 2011, 2012, Odessa skate jam Paignton award


Other Hobbies: Tattooist, Surfing, Cars





Ray Gordon

Date of Birth:  1st February 1989


Born: Poole


Activity: Inline Skater


Achievements: Living the dream


Other Hobbies: Skateboarding



Dan Loveless

Date of Birth: 30th December 2000


Born: Birmingham


Activity: 4x mountain biking


Achievements: 3rd at Famlouth Urban Downhill


Other Hobbies: GO Karting



Alex Piper

Date of Birth: 4 December 1986


Born: Merthr Tydfil


Activity: Skateboarding


Achievements: Handplant


Other Hobbies: Rock Climbing and Snowboarding



Chimpo Mcdoodle
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